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Nexus IT Solutions partners with an extensive network of industry leaders to deliver enterprise-level solutions to small businesses. Our Client Support team receives the latest training and certifications, allowing us to improve the way you do business with tomorrow’s solutions, today.

As the name implies, Expertly Managed is our most robust Managed Services Subscription, and the perfect choice if you’re looking for an IT partner to manage and support every piece of hardware and software on your network. Put your trust in Nexus IT to handle everything from infrastructure and server maintenance to new user set-ups and day-to-day support requests.

Expertly Managed Subscriptions include real-time remote support for every member of your team, and a dedicated field team for on-site support when necessary. Whether it’s recovering a forgotten password or combating ransomware, we understand how important it is for your team to have their questions answered quickly, by real people. Our Client Support team is available via phone or email.

In addition to IT Support, Expertly Managed Subscriptions include our complete Managed Security Subscription for all users, which includes email security, advanced end-point threat protection, a fully functional Firewall and DNS protection.

We make supporting your team and protecting your data easy by offering our Expertly Managed solution for a set monthly fee per user.

Nexus IT’s Expertly Managed Subscription includes:

  • Proactive Monitoring & Management
  • Windows & Approved Third Party Application Updates
  • Advanced Server, Endpoint & Network Protection
  • Workstation Encryption Key Management
  • Office 365 Subscription
  • Email Encryption & SPAM Protection
  • Server Back-up & Disaster Recovery
  • DNS Security
  • Third-Party Vendor Management
  • Network Hardware Replacement
  • Remote & On-Site Support


We work alongside your in-house IT to help manage the day-to-day, delivering the bench strength you need to be at your best.

Even the world’s greatest quarterback cannot get to the Super Bowl on their own. If you have an in-house IT team that spends more time changing passwords and fighting fires than they do innovating and driving business objectives, you need Co-Managed Services from Nexus IT Solutions to provide the rock solid foundation you require to be at your best.


Instant Support

Make disruptive computer problems a thing of the past, allowing you to stay productive in a fast-paced working environment. Call us with an issue and get help, right when you need it.


Rest easy knowing your systems are being monitored around the clock, root causes are being identified and addressed, and hidden issues are resolved before they turn into major problems.

On-Site Assistance

Take advantage of our rapid-response on-site support team whenever you need to work with someone in person. Get all the benefits of an in-house IT department without all the downsides.


Know exactly how much you’re paying for IT each month with our flat-rate subscription based model. Get unlimited IT support rather than paying someone every time you have a problem.


Not every relationship is built to last. If you’re thinking about a change, contact us and let NEXUS IT build the IT solution for your business.